Saturday, March 17, 2012

Parting with Memories of Life

Cleaning and organizing your closet is not an easy task. One of the most time and energy consuming tasks ever. Now I will admit that I have a certain level of OCD and like to see my closet well organized. One thing out of place… and my mind and hands start itching. Thankfully, hectic office hours and other things (read ‘too tired to even sleep!’) restrain me from indulging in this chore on regular basis. But after a point, loud music and cleaning spree gain momentum on one fateful day.

It always turns out to be a fateful day. I shall like to believe that majority of girls would understand what I am about to elaborate.

There will always be at least one item in the closet which is old, almost of no use and breathing its last few airs. An old T-shirt, a few junk jewelleries, some old notes… The list can’t be exhausted. These stuffs always stay; surviving each wardrobe-cleaning frenzy. We keep on holding to such a few stuffs in spite of the fact that they are mostly useless. Or are they really useless?

Us ladies are an emotional species, aren’t we? Those old its-&-bits of stuffs are just itsy-bitsy memories we hold onto. How? Just a few examples:

  • Memories of friendship: That Janpath pair of earrings gifted by a roommate/classmate, who was not your BFF. You probably don’t wear them anymore. Yet you keep them inside the earrings trinket box.
  • Memories of love: Those gift-wrapping papers which adorned the special gifts. Even the countless Archies/Hallmark cards and may be a few flowers (dry and dead) still sit pretty in that big paper gift box!
  • Comfort and warmth: That old T-shirt or kurta, which you probably sneaked from a loved one’s wardrobe (could be anyone from your dad to your boyfriend). You love to sleep in that since it’s the coziest clothing item even though you own best of the night-wears

Men may never understand these logics. Actually, this ‘girly behaviour’ is not entirely logical. But again, thinking from heart is not silly. The emotional value of those old stuffs score higher than many branded and expensive items you own. Throwing such items accounts for a painful, cold-hearted decision. Which is why, I said that cleaning the wardrobe always takes place on a fateful day… a day when you might have to take some hard decision to part with a certain memory.

However, we continue holding onto some items. And this is understandable. It is never surprising if those silly old stuffs survive each cleaning… Spring… Summer… Autumn… and Winter. Girls are emotional and we love to preserve memories which are dear to us. Come what may!!!