Saturday, July 9, 2011

Droplets of Blood on The Rose

The black moon has deluged my cursed life.

Your blood is still on my hand

Your vociferous cries scare me,

The whiff of your soul is somewhere buried within me

For your hazy silhouette still turns within me.

I beg you not to haunt me,

I know I am guilty for your blood,

But I only watched from the sidelines of my own life

As your life rushed by.

The pungent smell of your burnt blood is suffocating,

Please don’t punish me more,

Though I know I deserve this.

I am trying to bid you goodbye

Putting end to those nightmares,

Empathize with my doomed existence

So far I have lived a luckless romance,

Those droplets of blood on the rose are killing me,

I beg you,

I have no more strength to face your punishment.

I can only pray for you and for me,

Let my guilt and thy blood be washed away by the rain.

1 comment:

  1. "Let my guilt and thy blood be washed away by the rain". - Quite a poignant scene there