Saturday, August 6, 2011

Best Friends Forever... & The Cliché Continues...

We have outgrown the shackles of teenage dramas. Or have we?

As I sipped my hot cuppa last night and went through the birthday list of the month, I noticed an alarming decrease in the number of people in that list. After residing in so many places over the last 10-11 years, I have encountered all sorts of individuals who have added to various chapters in my 27 years of life. Owing to this, the calendar should have been full of reminders. As a teenager, I used to maintain a colourful scrapbook with all the birthdays marked in ‘cute girly’ way (you know, with hearts, flowers etc.). Today, thanks to advancement in technology and lack of time, I only manage to maintain the list on my cell phone organizer. However, thank god (and Mark Zuckerberg) for those birthday reminders on social networking sites that I manage to fulfill the social obligation of wishing people on their birthdays.

But the topic of this note is not the birthday reminders. As the prologue states, I am raising a doubt whether we have outgrown those teenage years. Tomorrow is the ‘Friendship Day’. Once upon a time (my god, I sound so old!), we used to plan something elaborate to celebrate the day of eternal friendship. Since we friends were together almost 24 x 7, it was very difficult to hunt for gifts for each other. So sojourns to the market, especially to those Archies and Hallmark stores, had to be planned very discreetly.

Today, I am reminded about ‘the day’, thanks again to social networking sites. Yes, ‘the day’ has slipped out of my mind. Just like the birthdays of several ‘friends’ from my calendar. As you become part of the adult world, you forget about little joys of life and sometimes about those invaluable parts of your life – ‘friends’. You become unsocial despite signing up with numerous social networking sites.

But then do we really? I remember the birthdays of my friends, the friends who have been my family away from my family. I don’t require any organizer to remember them. They have seen me through my ups and downs, been with me through those upheavals. They don’t come with any ‘conditions applied’. They love me for the crazy person that I am. And I love them because they are equally crazy!

My friends! Thanks for being there. I can behave like the drama queen that I am without the apprehension of being criticized. I can relive those teenage or even kiddish nautankis because only you understand the depth in those acts. We have grown from silly confused girls to confident worldly-wise (we like to think so) women together. Yet, I know only you understand the silly little girl inside me. And yes, we will continue to live life in our own terms… others can take a hike!

So, without any more drama, here it comes… Happy Friendship Day sweethearts! Love you all! 


  1. lovely...can relate to each and every word!!!happy friendship day dear!!!!!!!