Saturday, June 18, 2011

From the Pages of My Diary

Do you remember that day

When we walked down the pebbled path

Shadowed by the gulmohars.

It was raining, just like today.

Our hearts were fluttering

Like the ripples on the river water.

The river, who heard our whispers

The sweet nothings.

I admired the red gulmohars

And you choose to give me a white lily.

I should have known then,

You never understood me.  
You told me the world is dark blue

While I saw it in rosy hues,

I used to speak to the moon

And you laughed it away as a dream.

You thought rain is all about cloud precipitation,

You would not believe me

When I said the rain drops were the tears of the moon.

In my own little way

I had created a world of beauty.

And you destroyed it.

You said the world is a rude place

And you rudely broke my sand castle.

I should have known,

You said verses are a waste of time.

Yet I am remembering you,

Trying to pen down those memories

In verses,

Verses which you never appreciated,

Just the way you never recognized the truth in my love.

I should have known then...

You were just a mirage.


  1. Amazing Thought !! Cheers..

  2. wonderful!!your injection of truth in this poem is vry close to my heart