Friday, June 3, 2011

Unveiling another Chapter in My Mumbai Story

As the dark clouds enveloped the cityscape and the cool breeze caressed the trees, my spirits began to soar, imitating the pre-monsoon clouds. Monsoon. The magic word everyone loves who has lived the great Indian summer. It’s finally here.

And then it started… all of a sudden the Rain God descended. I longingly looked at the massive downpour from my office window. There arose the desire, the indomitable desire to feel the raindrops on my skin.

There was a desperate urgency to get drenched. I felt as if I have been suffering an unbearable thirst within my soul and only the Mumbai monsoon, The first rain of the year, could satiate this thirst.

And the moment arrived. I just closed my eyes, breathing in the aroma of each drop and freshly washed elements. I surrendered to the Rain God and offered a silent prayer, “Thank you for being there!”

I felt I was elevated to another world. I was back to my 12 year old self, the perfect age at the cusp of innocence and worldly-wise awakening. Well, that’s a topic to be discussed later. Today, it is about the monsoon.

Thus, serenity was mine… Rain is bringing peace back at my life’s doorstep.

I have always been a “Rain Girl”. After all, I had grown up amongst the lush greeneries of Assam which transforms into a paradise every time the Rain God visits and these visits are always more than often. Then while residing in Delhi, the capital of scorching Indian summer, made me value the essence of rain more and more. I know, rain is my elixir.

Then there were lovely tales of Mumbai monsoon. “Mumbai rains”… ever since watching ‘Wake Up Sid’, I have been preserving a romantic imagery of the monsoon in the city of dreams. This imagery includes a visit to the Marine Drive, to soak in the beauty of Mumbai during the rains. As a matter of fact, many people have confided to me that they have the similar dream, which actually makes me a member of a huge community.

Now that the Monsoon is here, it is just a matter of time when I tick-off another to-do in my bucket list.

Happy Monsoon :-)

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  1. True expressions of your feelings !!
    I could feel the aroma of monsoon here itself !!
    Hats off to u.. Keep Dreaming and keep sharing the luvely feelings of yours !! Cheers !!