Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jack, Jim, Johnnie… Ekdum Absolut

Long back, I had watched an English flick where a female character stated quite merrily that the only men in her life currently were named Jim and Jack. She was caustically referring to Jim Beam and Jack Daniels as her lone time partners. I respected her for being able to accept and laugh at her loneliness.

I don’t remember the name of the movie or the actress, but the dialogue remained dormant in some corner of my mind. Personally, I have seen many women clutching to their Jims, Jacks and Johnnies (in this case, Johnnie Walker) to traverse the path of loneliness. And they are not complaining. After all, who needs a Tom, Dick or Harry, who would run away the moment a door opens, when you have such loyal and comforting companions! And they are strong and can sustain for long, just the way us women like it.

Now before anyone accuses me of promoting drinking, well, let me just say this, “Whom are we kidding?” These women are mature adults who understand responsible drinking. They are not alcoholics. They simply know how to appreciate the sensuous Bourbon. If a man comes along the path, he is welcome. But they would rather invest their trust on their glasses of whiskey, vodka or ‘Sex on the beach’ than in that man. And yet, none of them will ever turn into the female version of Devdas. No sir, women are always stronger than men when they need to move on, a fact proven by some recent study.

Being eternal romantics deep down in their hearts, women have the optimistic thought that they will someday meet ‘the One’. ‘The One’ who will also give them company while savouring Jim, Jack or Johnnie. Notice that they won’t abandon the companions of their needy times just because they have found ‘Him’. Women can’t abandon, never.

As for me, give me my poison any day (or any night) over some desperate loser. So, cheers to the ‘spirit’!


  1. Awesome !! Just loved reading it.. I also luv the Jack, Johny, Pipers and all my Teachers !! Cheers..