Thursday, June 9, 2011

Memoir of My Heartache

I am smiling,

Laughing at others jokes,

There is bliss on my face,

But some pictures are not worth anything.

The storm within me is yet to die,

Time will heal the wounds you gave

Or I hope it does.

I am trying to find solace in something,

But I don’t even know what I am looking for.

Do I wish you back in my life?

I know you will only hurt me once more,

The memories are so painful to be recreated.

I cannot be heartless like you,

Those moments are not easy to forget,

It never is.

You have left behind pain and confusion,

I am accepting them, with a smile.

If you ever have a moment to spare,

Do read my smile,

It is void of soul

For you made me aware of the death of love,

And what is soul without love?

Pain is there,

Oh pain…

The wound will heal,

But the scar will forever be etched.

And I will move on, finding another story of heartache.

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