Monday, June 6, 2011

Romance is Hibernating

On a girls’ night out this weekend, we went to this pub with motives of own. All of us had their own stories and we were actually weary of all the emotional baggage. So a few wanted to get high and dance the night away while I simply wanted to drink. A recent health scare doesn’t allow me to indulge in too much physical stress right now. But being away from the bottle for a month now, I desperately needed a few sips down my dry throat.

So there we were. My companions immediately hit the floor; I choose a corner with a view and my favourite pint. A bliss I have been missing or rather, avoiding since sometime.

Then I started to do something which I enjoy – observing people and attempting to decipher their actions and thoughts. I noticed an interesting phenomenon. There were a huge number of ‘girls only’ groups. Each one of them was letting her hair down without a care, not at all missing the company of a man. All of them were happy and high. I felt proud of this ‘girl power to have fun’.

Only after this my eyes darted towards another part of the pub. The part occupied by ‘boys only’ groups. Unlike the girls, the boys were poor performers. They were simply drinking, smoking and ogling desperately at each member of the opposite sex. Of course, a few were making feeble and funny attempts at dancing (or moving while standing at a spot). It was obvious most of them were looking for the chance to get lucky for the night. Poor souls, almost all of them didn’t even have the guts to make a move.

It then dawned upon me. “Where is the romance?” There was such a lack of ‘love in the air’ although there were many couples present. But there was hardly any love visible. Well, I know a pub is definitely not the perfect place to witness love. But at least from the few couples there, I expected a little show of love. But I was in for a disappointment. Despite close dancing with their ‘girlfriends’, many guys were eyeing me as they saw that I was drinking and sitting alone. Hence, the eternal tug-of-war between love and lust continued.

Romance, thus, was nowhere to be seen. Now being a believer of romance, I have a strong faith that romance is still alive somewhere. It is just in hibernation. I lamented this absence of romance and prayed for it to wake up from the deep slumber.

God must have been awake at that time and must have decided fulfill part of my wish. I heard Him and the presence of romance in the form of drum and congo beats. The resident drummer of the pub began to play the drums and the congos, accompanying the DJ. He was playing the music of romance. I was in a trance. The near orgasmic beats lifted everyone’s mood and life.

I was happy that my faith is at right place – romance is only sleeping, it just needs a little prodding. The right push will come along with the right person. I whispered into the air, “Don’t worry girls and boys. Romance is on the way. Till then, have fun.” 

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