Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Unspoken Truth…

“Why do you expect me to speak out about everything? When you claim to be so intelligent, can’t you pick up the cue from my behaviour and subtle hints?”

This outburst is directed towards you ‘My Dear Gentleman’ (taking the liberty to be inspired by one of my favourite Audrey Hepburn classics ‘My Fair Lady’). I am not a feminist. I am just irritated with the ‘I-know-it-all’ attitude which men in general flaunt.

Picture this: I am upset and not in a mood to talk about the things that are playing inside my mind. But I truly wish he would understand something is wrong and would make an attempt to know ‘what’s wrong’. I will divulge on every minute detail if he asks, just once. One nudge and the floodgates will open. Instead, he decides to let me be, thinking I will start talking once ‘things cool down’!

Many of you girls must have gone through this. And many of you boys must have faced the ‘moody girlfriend’. Now I won’t claim that I am familiar the male psyche. But I believe that most of the men avoid asking the simple question, ‘What’s wrong?” simply because of two reasons. Firstly, they assume we will tell them all once our mood is fine and so they let us to calm down (this is because this is what they prefer when they are upset). They think they know it all. Secondly, they make the fatal mistake of making the aforesaid assumption. Please understand, God created two completely separate identities – Adam and Eve with different sets of needs. We Eves have completely different emotional requirement than you Adams. We want to talk, but you have to initiate it.

So men have the power; we have given you the power to avoid the misunderstandings that arise from this lack of communication. You presume you know everything and you know female psychology. Sorry my dear gentlemen, you can’t be more wrong. We are not so easy to be read and understood. You get to see what we want to depict or how we wish to appear before you. We, however, like you to take the lead. I don’t mean to insult your ‘intelligence’, but somehow you always fail to understand this basic rule.

Men always claim women are bad with directions and signals, but in life, they themselves most often fail to understand the signals we give and eventually, they are left stranded in the journey of relationship. I know we women are not perfect either. We will admit to it and then we will want the same confession from you.

I am not trying to bash your male ego. I am only trying to help, showing you a window to understanding us women. Pick up the hint my dear gentlemen!

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