Monday, June 13, 2011

Putting On My Silver Stilettos

I adore my ‘oh so sexy’ pair of silver stilettos. Whenever I slip my feet into them, I feel happy and pretty. But above all, I feel like dancing; just like the ‘girl in magic slippers who dances without stopping’. It was some fairy tale which I had read as a kid. My silver stilettos are my magic slippers, my ‘footloose shoes’. What better way to beat the moody blues in life than dancing those sad thoughts away. Thank god (and my shoe obsession) for my magic stilettos.

So, here is my suggestion to all you girls – invest in a pair of sexy stilettos. Get those in hot and bright colours – silver, golden, red, magenta, indigo, orange… let your imagination run wild. Don’t let the blues tie you down. Get your ‘spirits’ high with a few drops down and put on those really hot heels and dance till you chase those blues away.

Bright colours always work. Try on that scarlet lipstick shade. Trust me, red works like magic. Red – the colour of either passion or danger (read anger). Vent out your feelings by wearing that LBD, scarlet lip shade and those stilettos. Go out, let your hair down. You will certainly forget whatever you have been trying to forget.

Now all these must be sounding like some ‘Cosmopolitan’ gyan, but you have to believe me when I say I am speaking from experience. I am also listing a few other pointers which might help you beat the bad mood, whatever might be reason for that – heartbreak, argument with friends or family or bad day at work. Here it goes (follow them in no particular order):
  • Buy a chick book. I will recommend a few – Chasing Harry Winston, Almost Single, Eat, Pray, LoveThe Zoya Factor and Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas
  • Go and watch a movie all alone in a multiplex. And don’t shy from laughing out loud whenever the comic scenes come.
  • Retail therapy always worksJ. Get those stilettos, the flattering dress, the red lipstick, the shocking pink nail paint… the list can go on and on.
  • Go for a spa treatment, facial massage, manicure, pedicure, and the best of all, a haircut.
  • Sink in your teeth into the sinful sizzling brownie with vanilla ice-cream in CafĂ© Coffee Day. And please, don’t care about the calories!
  • Have a girly night out. If your gal pals are away, call them and indulge in silly gossip. Gossiping (especially, bitching) always helps.
  • Develop a new hobby – music, art, adventure sports… anything that will give you high.
  •  Listen to music and dance in gay abandon, even when you are alone at home.
  • Walk in the rains.
  • Cook. Bake. Even if you have terrible culinary skills. Eventually, you might turn up a decent cook, if not a good cook.
  • Keep a journal. You never know… you might be penning a best-seller!
Little pointers… but they always help when you are feeling down and out. I am talking from personal experience. So, try them and keep smiling!

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